It may look the same but its guaranteed for half a Century!

RDF’s Joinery Division has been producing hand-made Timber sash windows to original specifications, for installation in Listed Buildings, for decades. But what may have looked the same, since their introduction over a century ago has radically changed and now the sash window frame carries a guarantee of 50 years covering both dimensional stability and resistance to rot and mould.

The introduction of accoya wood, which goes through a process of acetylation, changing the properties of the wood at a molecular level, results in the wood becoming impervious to moisture ingress and the associated mould and rot. The Environmentally friendly process has many other associated benefits including improved thermal properties and maintenance of only the painted surface which is determined by the quality of the paint.

RDF now offer the “accoya option” on all our bespoke creations which means we can bring sustainability and enhanced Environmental and performance features to not just the humble sash window.

IMAG0778 (Copy) IMAG0782 (Copy)

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