Team GTD looks to further challenges

Team GTD looks to further challenges

Team GTD has taken on the Tour de Yorkshire for Gestational Trophoblastic Disease and won!

Team GTD completed the gruelling Sportive of the Tour de Yorkshire on 3rd May 2015 cycling 108 km and ascending nearly 2000m in total throughout the Dales and Pennines and following on from this will be competing in teh 72 mile Wetherby to Filey and then on to the London Prudential 100!!

Please continue to donate as much as you can!

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The Northern Specialist Centre for GTD is based at Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield. A dedicated team tackles this disease every day offering amazing insight and care for every women in this scary position.

Help us to raise awareness of this relatively unknown cancer and fund further research to better understand this condition.

Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) is a group of rare tumors that involve abnormal growth of cells inside a woman’s uterus. GTD does not develop from cells of the uterus like cervical cancer or endometrial (uterine lining) cancer do. Instead, these tumors start in the cells that would normally develop into the placenta during pregnancy. (The term gestational refers to pregnancy.)

GTD begins in the layer of cells called the trophoblast that normally surrounds an embryo. Early in normal development, the cells of the trophoblast form tiny, finger-like projections known as villi. The villi grow into the lining of the uterus. In time, the trophoblast layer develops into the placenta, the organ that protects and nourishes the growing fetus.

Most GTDs are benign (not cancer) and they don’t invade deeply into body tissues or spread to other parts of the body. But some are malignant (cancerous).

All forms of GTD can be treated and in most cases the treatment produces a complete cure.

Please donate whatever you can.

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