Towering success

Towering success

The Towers, a grade II Listed building, was conserved, restored and repaired over a number of months by RDF specialists.

The building, that was built for the governor of Armley jail in 1871, has a mixture of natural stone and reconstituted artstone.

Stone was quarried specifically for the works with masons carving each piece of stone by hand to ensure a perfect match to the piece that it was due to be replaced.

Casts were taken of the heavily deteriorated balustrade and lion details which had to then be painstakingly re-fabricated and carved offsite to allow a mold to be created. Casts were then taken from the molds, the new artstone pieces produced, cleaned up and installed onsite.

The building was fully repointed prior to the existing rainwater pipes and metalwork being overhauled with sections being replaced as required.

Delicate timber repairs were undertaken onsite and also in the RDF workshop to rejuvenate the existing timber work present onsite before being redecorated.

All the works were discussed and agreed with the local Conservation Officer through detailed onsite discussions prior to them being completed.

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